Friday, May 30, 2008

Blogging could be a full time job...

This blogging gig is great.... if you could get paid for it it would be a fantastic fulltime job! Oh wait, that's why I'm here... someone joined the dark side.
Unfortunately I'm not paid, and I have a real an ordinary job.
I'll try and post regularly - I usually have my thinking time* in the car driving home, when I hear the news and start shouting at the radio. Shouting at the radio doesn't achieve much, but it serves to spur me to write here.
I hope you enjoy my blog. Have a laugh and a think. But mostly laugh.

*BLOG SUBJECT thinking time, not whole life thinking time like that silly bint who gets paid to write and only thinks for 15 minutes a day. Maybe. (Can't find a link.)


stackja1945 said...

Have a laugh and a think. But mostly laugh.
We seem to have Rudd around for awhile, so there will not be a shortage of laughs.

Skeeter said...

....there will not be a shortage of laughs.
You're not wrong there Stacks. I have even started to watch the 7:30 Report again, just for the laughs.
I know it's cruel to laugh at other people's misfortune, but I just can't stop myself when I see the PM and the Treasurer floundering around in interviews.
You rarely see anybody else from the government being interviewed these days. That coupled with the Cabinet leaks leads me to suspect the Party is letting the dynamic duo make absolute fools of themselves before the pack moves in for the kill.

Minicapt said...

" silly bint" was (I think) Traceee, although she laid more emphasis on Wednesday as her Thinking Day; Thursday was her Writing Day, if I remember correctly.