Friday, May 30, 2008

Decision today on banning of television cameras in Qld Parliament

In February this year there was an outcry over Queensland Parliament's plan to ban network TV cameras and install static cameras which would be used by all media.

A decision is due today.

A little history: from Hansard PDF 12 Feb 2008 pp. 2, PDFs 14 Feb 2008 pp. 245, and 14 May 2008 pp. 1665.

It appears the politicians were embarrassed by their behaviour and didn't want to be seen, despite their protests citing other "reasons".

I can't find a link to a recent news report.

I was reminded of the Qld Parliament camera debacle by the announcement from ABC of a new political comedy.

Update: Parliament accused of censorship over camera ban and Bligh pulls plug on parly camera ban.


stackja1945 said...

Ah, for days when Joh fed the chooks.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for depressing thoughts, but what is worse? The stupidity of the Government or the dumber looks on the faces of the silent opposition.