Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kevin Rudd interveiw Student Press Call, ABC Brisbane Thursay 29 May 08

Kevin Rudd will be interviewed by students on Student Press Call, ABC 612 Brisbane tomorrow.

Should be interesting. Or not.

Update: Kelly Higgins-Devine is interviewing the students who interviewed the PM. Rudd's being rubbished and ridiculed for his verbose avoidance of answering the questions...


Skeeter said...

I'm afraid I will have to leave it to somebody else to listen to that.
I found that my health improved enormously when I stopped listening to 612 about 10 years ago.
Since then I have tried RN and finally ABC News Radio, but they all started to have bad effects on my cardio-vascular parameters and some other bodily functions.
Even ABC Classic FM pisses me off with that sheila in the mornings fawning on some arty-crafty moonbat. Play the music, girl. We are not tuned in for your opinion on social matters.
That said, I look forward to reading full reports here from anybody who has the strength to listen to ABC radio.

Anonymous said...

skeeter, I agree with you!

Don't know where you live, but here in Melbourne the 3MBS is an excellent choice in the morning.

I have given up on (3LO) or 774 as it's known today long ago, the bias is just overwhelming.

When fed up with rubbish, I just turn it off, the wireless, and concentrate on driving.

Keeps me solvent with the insurance company!