Monday, June 16, 2008

AGW brainwashing appears complete

Thismorning on the radio there was a competition. The question:

What gas is predominant* in the air we breathe?

Answer 1: carbon dioxide
Answer 2: methane
Answer 3: nitrogen


(*er, they wanted to know which gas made up the bulk of the air we breathed)


stackja1945 said...

Jean-Michel Jarre - Oxygene IV

splice said...

The answer is 1: carbon dioxide.

Nitrogen at around 78% by volume is the most abundant gas in the air we breathe.

But carbon dioxide at a mere 0.03% is by far the most important gas because it can cause a great many people to develop a debilitating disorder known as greentardation, characterised by delusional fantasies of imminent danger and worldwide catastrophe. It is therefore the predominant gas through its ascendancy, power, authority, or influence over others.

kae said...

Yes, Splice, closely followed by Methane.

We MUST stop those ruminants from blurting.

(mea culpa, the announcer may have used the word abundant... I have a brain like a sieve!)

splice said...

The apology should be mine, Kae. Predominant is a synonym for abundant; please note meaning 2: “main or prevalent”, from the link.

I’m guilty of opportunism with this one for the chance to put a boot into the pants of the climate change alarmists.

Egg said...

If it's a room full of Greens, methane likely rises to #1, but #2 is fitting under the circumstances.

Boy on a bike said...

If you were listening to the ABC, then the predominant gas is surely "hot air".