Monday, June 23, 2008

The Corby Story

What is true, what is not?
Downer admits to raising theory on Corby's brother.
The baggage handlers' union is angry that accusations were made that baggage handlers had put the drugs in Corby's boogie board bag, and it was revealed last night on a television programme that the criminal lawyer admitted that this was a made-up claim. They have demanded an apology.
Corby's former lawyer, Robin Tampoe, admitted in a film shown on Channel Nine last night that he made up the claim about the baggage handlers, which was a central argument in Corby's defence and led to widespread speculation about corruption among airport staff.

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Anonymous said...

Our business employed a number of young Coasties who when the poo hit the fan said things like 'oh yeagh we know them they're always dealing in dope'. That was before the trial and all the ensuing crap that has gone down. 20 years is a bit stiff, but if only we had similar penalties here in Oz, we'd have a lot more crime under control. Mehaul