Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Flannery drought hits Queensland's South East.

Yes. It's true.

Sixty-eight millimetres... remembering that 25mm is one inch. That was just over Sunday night and Monday.

It hit the Sunshine Coast first. (Special Flood Coverage on the Sunshine Coast.)

Then Brisbane. (Brisbane's Big Wet.)

Strewth, the ABC is hard to link to.

Ann Street, in the Valley, was flooded, this hasn't happened since floods during the Big Wet of 1974 .


Skeeter said...

Since the rain started on Wednesday night, we have enjoyed 155 mm (6.1") including 110 mm (4.33") in the last two days.
The Gold Coast dam has been overflowing, or in the high 90s% capacity, since January, and it filled up again last night.
The anti-dammers have constantly argued that there is no point in building more dams because there will be no rain to fill them.
I have supplied my own water for over 22 years through several "droughts" and never had to buy town water.
My storage is overflowing at the moment, and that situation this far into winter means I can last without any rain until next year.
Last year, Council forced developers to spend $110,000 to lay a town water main to our street.
Nobody in the street is going to connect to the town water because their own resources are more reliably managed than the town water supply.
If we simple country folk can work out what infrastructure we need for a reliable water supply, how come all the state and local government university graduates can't do the same calculations and predictions?
Come back Jack. We need you.

Paco said...

Quick! Get the sulphur crop-dusters aloft!

stackja1945 said...

skeeter "university graduates" do learn common sense.

kae said...

Stacks, if they learn common sense, how come so many of them in and through the system are lefties?

Egg said...

Looks like the Palaeontologist needs a Drizabone ...

kae said...

And water wings, Egg, and a canoe!