Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Footy Show in the pooh again

Channel Nine has been left red faced and awaiting possible legal action after Footy Show host Paul Vautin accused a Brisbane security guard of being drunk on air.

The man suffers from an intellectual disability.
S'cuse me, but isn't it a good idea to have someone in that sort of position who doesn't sound like they're three sheets to the wind? It's a bit like the call centre people who accost you, or worse, who you get to talk with when you need help from a service provider, who don't speak English and/or cannot understand you.

Oh, this is an interesting piece of information:

Yesterday, Caxton Hotel owner Steve Farquhar admitted he cringed while watching the segment on Thursday night.

"I was watching it with my son and at the time I said, 'Geez, who is this bloke?," Farquhar told Confidential.

Interesting that the owner of the club was also shocked by the interview.

Wait, it's the parents who are taking The Footy Show to court. (Now it appears that he has a speech impediment and some sort of epilepsy.)

Thinking about this item, I am surprised that the interviewer thought that the doorman/bouncer was drunk. If he was as drunk as he sounded he certainly wouldn't have been vertical.

I worked in a Telecom office with a bloke who was confined to a wheelchair. He kicked up a stink because he wasn't on the roster for late shifts or weekend work.

Um, if there was a fire in the premesis there were two ways out, out the back, down several stairs, and out the front, a smooth run. Did this 100kg wheelchair bound fool expect to be carried out by other staff? (Could be managed with full staff compliment, however on lates there would only be two people on staff.) This was in the very early 1980s.

I recall he also went to equal opportunity and discrimination saying he was discriminated against as he was Fijian-Indian.

meh. Too many chips on his shoulders!


Boy on a bike said...

The security guard should become a bouncer.

Most of them are intellectually disabled.

kae said...

Well, I wasn't going to say it!