Friday, June 13, 2008

Gis yer carden pin and we'll look apta yer grog

Ban alcohol in remote communities, you're violating civil rights.

What else can you do to stop this kind of rort?


Boy on a bike said...

Park a ZSU at the end of the runway. After the third plane goes down in flames, they might have second thoughts about continuing to fly in grog.

Anonymous said...

Sure, blame the delivery boys!

If there is no demand there is no delivery!

Half the houses are beyond repair!?

I spent 8 month of my life repairing remote area gov. houses for aboriginals near Port Headland, until I gave up in disgust.

How would you feel going back to the same house every 3 months and find it trashed again and again.

Boy on a bike said...

I'd burn the house to the ground.

I'd burn the whole bloody place to the ground and start again somewhere else. Somewhere closer to civilisation for starters.

watchdoggie1951 said...

This practice of holding cards and PIN's goes wayyyyyyyyyy beyond what's stated in that article. I have worked and lived in Port Hedland... owned a Taxi Co. there, and I can tell you that taxi drivers are holding 100's of cards and PIN's ... it's a regular thing to see taxi drivers queued up at the ATM's with a bunch of cards, taking what they are owed out of the accounts .. usually around midnight of the night before payday.... they give cash advances on the cards... and usually charge a " transaction fee "... $10 for every $100.It's a pity they didn't shove some cameras on these ATM's up there.... and watch one guy access over 40 accounts one after the other !!