Friday, June 6, 2008

God save us from gullible fools and the MSM

Here you go.
Some reading.

Garnaut Climate Change Review

So much money has been sucked into this vortex of lies and supposition I cannot see it ever ending.

I'm sure that the trough will never be empty.


stackja1945 said...

ALP likes to spend other's money.

Wand said...

Ha kae,

So you've only just found it eh? Well besides being crap, a potential problem is that there is an army of zealots beavering away in Canberra right now devising an emissions trading scheme that will be foisted on this Country whether we like it or not. That scheme will include some of Garnaut's stuff though no-one knows how much.

There is great uncertainty in this world (says he profoundly)!

Now one school of thought seems to be that the ALP would not be so foolish with a Garnaut type ETS because the outcome will be crippling and they do know that. I am not so sure that any common sense will prevail and would guess that the outcome will be disastrous.

And at this stage, no-one can say what will be in the soon to be released 'Green Paper' on the scam (to be released in July). Certainly the questions that I put to some bureaucrats at a carbon talkfest in Sydney last week have not given me any reason to change my views.

Also I note that the ALP is now slowly showing its True Colours witness their performance in parliament. And if they really get under way, then there's really no limit. For example there's this path

Junk Science’s take on the Story

Krauthammer’s Story is worth reading too.

And oh yes - I like your blog. Great job.

kae said...

Hi Wand
I hadn't recently googled Gumnut, er Garnaut, but I thought "I wonder" and there was so much fodder there I thought I'd post a link.
Something was mentioned about a grant won here to "assist" Garnaut in some sort of research.

If the modelling is so good, why can't they use their models and their data etc, to predict "climate change" in the past?


kae said...

Oh, and Wand, I'm glad you like my blog... It's just what I think.

Wand said...

And in more useless activities as pointed out by the Diplomad , New Zealand scientists have been working around the clock to reduce emissions from agriculture! Oh the poor sods .. It sounds like they’ve been working as hard as some of our Treasury officials.