Thursday, June 5, 2008

Keith Fennell former Australian SAS Officer

Interviewed on the Conversation Hour on ABC. (no link on the site yet...)

Keith Fennell has written a book.

"For the first time, an ex-Australian SAS soldier tells his story. This breathtaking memoir gets behind the cliched perceptions of the SAS and tells it how it really is, from the intensity of the training to the friendships forged among the men. Warrrior Brothers is an edge-of-your seat non-fiction thriller --
Keith Fennell takes you through his training, first missions and the shocking, nerve-jangling experiences he had in East Timor, Afghanistan and Iraq. He reveals the mental preparation needed before leaving for a mission, what life is like for the families of SAS soldiers and what it feels like to kill. From cruising throught the Iraqi desert in a non-bullet proof vehicle to dodging mines in Afghanistan and assisting the recovery effort in Banda Aceh, this exceptional and extraordinarily gripping book takes you inside the action, fear, tradegy (sic) and bravery that was Keith Fennells adrenaline ride in the Australian SAS"--Publisher.

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