Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mugabe will not allow the Opposition to govern in Zim in his lifetime

From the Telegraph UK
Robert Mugabe has pledged the Opposition will not govern Zimbabwe while he is alive, as police moved to arrest several senior members of rival party the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).
and this from Newser:

As an opposition leader arrested on charges of treason appeared in court in Zimbabwe today, President Robert Mugabe was declaring that his competitors in the Movement for Democratic Change would never be allowed to rule the country, even if they win the upcoming runoff presidential election, the Independent reports.
There are many more links to look at if you aren't across this.

Mugabe is, frankly, insane.


Wand said...

.... the Opposition will not govern Zimbabwe while he is alive ...

It's not quite begging the question but it does answer one, doesn't it?

kae said...

Most definitely, Wand.
There's the question, Mugabe's has given a solution...

Anonymous said...

"Mugabe is, frankly, insane"

Sorry to disagree, but this sort of "excuse" is what helps him and the muslim bombers as well.

No they are not insane, they know very well what they are doing.

It's us, being so damn decent and civilised, that we cannot imagine, others doing this sort of things being sane!?

kae said...

Mad with power.
Destroying the cash cow country he has power over. Manipulating people to do his bidding.
He knows what he's doing? No. He can't possibly know what he's doing - he's keeping his power, and to hell with the costs. It will all come to an end, and he can't see that. He is insane.

stackja1945 said...

Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Fidel, etc. All come to an end. Ah,for a free press. Anyone seen much of free press lately?

Anonymous said...

Mad with power."

Well kea,
We have to agree to disagree!

Now, that you post more extensively on your own, since Tim's old site is finished, you reveal your true self.

This is not how you came across there!

Pogria said...


you come across exactly as you were at the old site.

Gutless and full of shit.

Why don't YOU reveal your real self.

Skeeter said...

Anonymous, can't we allow some latitude in the meaning of "insanity" here?
/in'sanuhtee/ noun, plural insanities.
1. the condition of being insane; more or less permanent derangement of one or more psychical functions, due to disease of the mind.
2. Law such unsoundness of mind as affects legal responsibility or capacity.
3. extreme folly.

We can't know what your qualifications are, Anonymous, but I am sure neither Kae nor I would be qualified to make a medical or legal diagnosis under meanings number 1 & 2, but we could confidently be allowed to apply meaning number 3, "extreme folly".
As further example of Mugabwe's manic folly, he is shown on tonight's TV news saying that there cannot be a change of government in Zimbabwe without war.
There is nothing in Kae's posts that would provide an excuse for the behaviour of either Mugabwe or self-exploding Presbyterians.
I'm sure that the pejorative overtones you have used in your last two sentences will puzzle most Blairites as much as they do me.
I suggest you should first shed your cloak of anonymity and then let us all know what is troubling you about this thread.

Pogria said...

Hi Skeeter!!!

Anyone who comments as "anonymous", isn't worth blog time. If they have a valid point to make, or wish to have a reasonable argument, that's great.

But, while ever they hide who they are, it proves their real agenda is to antagonise the person who's blog it is.

If they were a genuine commenter, they would post their REAL tag.

Skeeter said...

Agreed, Pogs.
My bet is nothing more will be heard from the mouse tonight.