Saturday, June 14, 2008

Never break the law again: just disconnect your speedo!

Easy, drive on a hunch. Same as the ALP runs the Australian Economy.
Do the miserly ministers know what they are doing? Let's get this straight. Policymakers are so keen to cut spending in case the labour market boils over into inflation that they are prepared to do without calibration of that very fear. That is risky on the most generous interpretation but just daft on a normal view. It is running the economy on a hunch.


Wand said...

Do the miserly ministers know what they are doing?

I think they may. They may actually know that the job market can only go down with their policies and their ideology so they hide the evidence now to avoid confronting real evidence later.

Just wait until the effects of ‘Our Emissions Trading Scheme’ are felt. (Scroll down to my two comments.)

With jobs it will be either slow down, fast down or possibly a collapse.... take your pick.

stackja1945 said...

Wand, the mushrooms are kept in the dark and fed manure.