Thursday, June 26, 2008

Q&A, ABC streamed now

Tim Blair and others on Q&A.

Last speaker stuck in my head.

Peak Stupid.


Nic said...

Thanks Kae!

kae said...

pleasure nic
i've been watching it
tim's a hoot of course
and there's been a bit of humour

I thought the people who couldn't see him, ie not in Aus, would like to see him on TV and hear it.

I'd like to read the transcript later, I can never remember stuff!

Skeeter said...

First time I've watched Q & A. Won't be watching it again until the next time they have someone like Tim B on the panel.
[Message to ABC: Check last night's ratings as a guide to selecting future panellists].

There is something about the moderator's shiny tanned face and smug, patronising manner that really gets up my nose. He reminds me of our prime minister for some reason.
When a question was asked about the attack on the AGW scam by 50,000 scientists, Tone couldn't stop himself from making the usual ad hominem attack on the leader of the 50,000.
Interesting to see union glamour boy, Bill Shorten floundering through unscripted answers. He seemed to be constantly getting halfway through a sentence before realising that it was leading him into danger. He would then abandon that thread and switch down a fork of logic onto something in praise of his dear leader.

kc said...

Thanks for that, Kae - Tim has a very pleasant voice & is as well-spoken as he is well-written.

Anonymous said...

I only watched it because TB was appearing on it. I won't watch it again. It's hand wringingly insipid. Bless Australia if Shorten and Hunt are claimed to be rising stars. Shorten's a f--kwit and Hunt's a virgin who looks like he's never worked a day in his life.

And you could pick the happy Catholics in the audience. They clapped at everything. I'd like to hear what Tim thought. Mehaul