Sunday, June 29, 2008

Questioning Science, the Sunday program debates AGW

Questioning Science
The theory of anthropogenic, or man-made, global warming has become an   unchallengeable fact, a piece of black letter law almost unique in the world of   science. Proponents of the theory say the time for scientific debate is over.   However, there is a school of thought that our knowledge of climate systems is as  yet insufficient to be so conclusive on the causes of global warming. Sunday   examines the political consensus building that has portrayed global warming as the  most urgent crisis humankind has ever faced.

Is this the end of the blind following the foolish? Have the scales fallen from their eyes?

Unfortunately I missed the debate*, although I did catch Bob Boring Brown moaning about how important it was to save the world from AGW.

I had an unfortunate  accident yesterday which I may talk about later.

Update: (not a reference to BBB above!)
Wand has emailed me a synopsis of the programme... 
The.. ... piece was a slight breath of fresh air - actually pointing out the uncertainty about all this AGW nonsense.  Flannery was one person interviewed spewing his crap.

This month will be absolutely fascinating as the Believers release their Green paper about the proposed ETS against a backdrop of statements that 3 million people in Australia will need to be retrained in the new carbon constrained world (utopia - perhaps that should read eutopia) of Oz.  It would all be hilarious and it would be a good script for a Walter Mitty movie except that these fools are serious fools. Oh yeah sure - not allowed to laugh these days because this is serious stuff. 

If you didn't know Tim Flannery is barking mad, you should be aware of it now. (I'm just watching the video of the programme.)

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