Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wayne Swan, what a little do-er!

Before the election we had so much information on how to cope with tough times*... The ALP was laying it on with a trowel. We had Wayne's hints and tips for grocery shopping (youtube). Pete's houshold gardent tips (youtube). Wayne's tips for cheaper petrol (youtube). We haven't heard much from Garrett - perhaps he's choked on plastic bags, for which he is the minister, after all! (That and interpretive dance...)

However, Wayne's been spruiking more hints and tips about grocery shopping. I don't know what we did before Wayne!

Bugger. I can't find a link.

*Funny how they knew about the tough times to come...


Wand said...

what? a little do-er?

hmmm ..... more like a do-little.

Anonymous said...

Kae. I've posted this elsewhere so excuse the self plagiarising but in the late 80's I played in a game of cricket and Swann was in the opposition.

He was given out when he clearly was, and even though the game was semi social (with the usual Aussie twist of competitive zeal)he refused to leave the crease. I've never forgotten that.