Saturday, July 5, 2008

A bit long in the tooth at 70

I'm not going to judge....
Well, maybe I will, just a little.


Anonymous said...

What's with those nappies? Cripes! The look kinda full, like they've crapped their own birthweight already.

Caz said...

Oh, come on Kae, judge!

JUDGE damn it!

Both parents will be dead before these twins are toilet trained.

There's a REASON why women CAN'T breed after a certain age, GOOD reasons.

Oh, and guys, your little swimmers aren't off the hook either: the little fella's might keep firing, but they're not sprightly enough to guarantee perfect, healthy children.

What ugly selfish gits these people are.

Still, they wouldn't be able to indulge the worst of their own character if not for doctors indulging their wish to play god.

kc said...

I'm afraid I have to agree, caz. This is beyond words for me, so thanks for saying what I couldn't seem to come up with.

In this case, not just selfish, but sexist selfish. Gotta have that male heir, dontchaknow...even though the property that will go to the boy is heavily mortgaged. No telling what will happen to the little girl, as she could end up penniless. Nice legacy.

Caz said...

I wondered about the whole "male heir" thing, after all, didn't they have to sell the cows to pay for fertility treatment?

Seems to me that there's nothing left worth inheriting, other than the sad and burdensome notoriety of being born to parents old enough to be your great grand parents.

If doctors want to show us how clever they are they should find a cure for the cold or cancer. There's nothing clever about freak show movements like this one. The doctors should be ashamed of themselves.