Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Chris Uhlmann

Uhlmann on Insiders:

As a former seminarian one of the things that strikes me most strongly about this debate is its theological nature and that’s essentially that we’ve sinned against the environment, that we are now being punished and the only way we can escape that punishment is to wear a hair shirt for the rest of our lives and hope that in the next lives, in the lives of our children and our children’s children things will get better. Now I am willing to sign up for that but this is a very long caravan and there are a lot of lunatics attached to the end of it. I do not believe every proposition that has been put. When the weather department can tell me what the weather’s going to be like next Friday with any certainty and treasury can get within a million dollars of what the surplus is going to be next year, I’ll believe an economic model that marries those two things and casts them out over a hundred years. I’ll make one prediction that whatever number Garnaut puts on where we’ll be in 2100 it will be at least a trillion dollars either way wrong.

Uhlmann demolishes Brown.

I do think it's past time for anyone who does not believe in AGW to speak out and make a stand.

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Skeeter said...

I first noticed this bloke on one of my rare visits to Their ABC a few weeks ago. He appeared to be presenting the usual anti-Howard stuff but he stood out as being considerably more intelligent than the average sheltered workshop inhabitant. My first thought was that, because of his intelligence, he might prove to be more dangerous than his dopey ABC colleagues.
I was agreeably surprised when I heard him on Insiders last Sunday. Obviously those years in a seminary taught him some skils in logical thinking.