Thursday, July 17, 2008

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Israel Frees Prisoners in Deal with Hezbollah

The two Israeli soldiers, Sgt. First Class Ehud Goldwasser and Staff Sgt. Eldad Regev, were seized in a cross-border raid carried out by Hezbollah on July 12, 2006, an attack that set off a month-long war between Israel and Hezbollah that killed some 160 Israelis and more than 1,000 Lebanese.
Prisoner Deal Reopens an Israeli Wound

My father sometimes made very wise statements. A long time ago he said that hijackers should be killed so that they could not be used to bargain with.

In this case the death penalty for the murderers released should have been applied. Return coffins.

Two dead Israelis are worth much more than any number of Lebanese murderers. If there were no prisoners there'd be no bargains. Perhaps in this way, the softness of the western way, we will fail to fight terrorism.

They find our weaknesses and exploit them, this is how we are destroyed.
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steve at the pub said...

I would have delivered the Hezbollah fellers dead in a coffin.

... though containing warm corpses.

kae said...

Hey, SATP, that works very well for me. Warm ones would be fine - but I think it'd be lost on those idiots, and think of the waste keeping them alive for years.
Those Israeli soldiers probably didn't need sustenance very soon after they were captured. Oh wait. Weren't they kidnapped?