Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Family of 7/7 bomber celebrates

To prevent this, the remains of terrorists should be dumped in the ocean or a pigsty for disposal.
'If his family lived in England they would see the hurt it does to celebrate something like this, but in Pakistan they obviously have a different view of things.'
Dear lady, they would still feel and act the same way. They like to see westerners, infidels, kaffurs hurt. They hate us and all the freedoms we enjoy. They hate our love of life. They hate everything about us.

Perhaps disposal, like the medical waste disposal of cancerous excisions is most appropriate?

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Boy on a bike said...

When I was in Bali some years ago, we had a tour guide that took us around the island to see various sights.

He said that the way they generally dealt with muslim criminals (he was definitely non-muzzie) was to take them out on a boat, stick them in a pig cage and drop them over the side.

Bali seemed to have very little crime, apart from stupid Australian drug smugglers.