Sunday, July 20, 2008


Batteries in 'lectronic camera don't seem to want to keep charged any more. They are the Canon batteries which came with the camera about four years ago.

Can I just get some rechargable batteries from the supermarket for the camera or should I get some from a camera shop? Which sort are the best ones to get? The ones I have are Canon NI-MH AAs.

I want to have the camera charged and working for when I drive to Sydney midweek, I may see some wonderful sights on the way that I want to share, or not. However, I need to be prepared.


Boy on a bike said...

All that I can advise is that you ditch the camera and purchase an excellent Canon Ixus to replace your existing Canon.

Apart from that pearl of wisdom, I know nothing that can assist you.

kae said...

No, Boy, I can't afford a new camera. There's nothing wrong with the old one. 'Cept it's old.

Wand said...

Not much you can do when a NiCd battery reaches the end of its life except pitch it.

Your only option is to replace the battery - either with a new one from a photography shop or you may be able to get a generic replacement from the likes of Dick Smith / Tandy / Jcar Electronics.

You may find that you can buy a new camera of the same quality for little more than the cost of a replacement battery. (Actually I agree with Boy - I have an Ixus too and it is an excellent camera).

Sometimes it is possible to revitalise a NiCd battery by completely discharging it then recharging but I wouldn't bet on your chances.

Boy on a bike said...

I like the Ixus so much, I have two. One for me and one for the kids to smash into little bits.

I have been on the lookout for a third, figuring that the oldest, kid camera is not long for this world. I almost bought an ixus 80 for $210 last month, but the shop ran out of stock before i got there, and now they are stocking a newer model that is $290.


kae said...

I've got a, um, Power Shot A75. I waited ages to buy one, the work one was the model before and I thought it was pretty good, but when the price was more affordable the one around was the A75.
I like it, it's got a big viewing screen for obgb*'s like me. I love being able to whip it out and take photos on the way to work or wherever. But problem is that lately the batteries are always flat.
Tricky Dickie's got the skype modem adapter I want for $50 off, so I'll see what they have when I get that, mind you, I can't afford it, either.... haw!

*old bastards going blind

Minicapt said...

I presume the old battery pack is of individual batteries; which if marked "AA" can be replaced by standard Duracell/Eveready "AA" batteries, in a pinch. Otherwise buy the new batteries as at Amazon above, as your current ones appear to have run out of life.

Note that you need the "Ni-MH" which are Nickel-Metal Hydride, not the Ni-C or Ni-Cad. Also check your current batteries for their rating which will be "xxxx mAh" where the xxxx is a number. Your replaement batteries should have the same or larger number (mAh is milli-Amp-hours).

More questions ....


kae said...

I was sent a link to DSE and found this deal:
I also got a specials catalogue from DSE(Dick Smith Electronics) and they've got a Skype modem for an ordinary phone which I want to buy at $50 off...
Here, top left corner, second down, just what I need Uniden Skype VG-100 VOIP gateway

Now I have to rob Peter to pay Dick...

Anonymous said...

Any NiMH AA cells of the same capacity or greater will be fine. Do you have a separate charger or do they charge in the camera?
I got sorely p-o'd by the NiMH in my Olympus, coz everytime I went to use it the batteries were almost flat. To get around this, you can try Sony Enerloop batteries (available at tricky Dick [Smith]), but they may need to be charged out of the camera. They don't go flat by themselves as quick.
I actually went for the Eveready Lithium AA cells, which are not rechargeable, but seem to last for ever.


kae said...

Hi SezaGeoff
They charge separately, that was $80!
I don't mind the charging bit, the batteries in the camera lasted for ages up until about the third charge, the batteries lasted a couple of years from the shop - but I hardly used the camera. Now when I need it or want it the battery low light comes on and it's dead. I've charged it twice since the tawny frogmouth pic I took for the blog. Thanks for the info. I'll go to Dickies in Sydney.
Oh, must fly, Dexter's on.