Thursday, July 10, 2008

Honour killer "Didn't do anything wrong"

From Jihad Watch
Contrary to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution headline, he didn't actually say he was innocent. He said he had done nothing wrong. That's not the same thing. According to an earlier story on this case, he confessed to killing his daughter, and explained that he had done it to cleanse his family's honor. When he appeared before the judge, it is unlikely that he changed this story. He just said he didn't do anything wrong. And by the lights of the Islamic culture from which he comes, which thinks that a father killing a daughter who has sullied his family's honor is perfectly justified, he indeed hasn't done anything wrong.

The political correctness in this case is sickening.

How can you convince someone that what they've done is wrong when their mind set is otherwise? It's like a miswiring of the brain, a mental illness - and incurable.

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