Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mum's Op

Firstly, I'm pleased to hear Mrs Paco's fine.

I spoke with my Mum thisafternoon.
She just wanted to sleep. No news about the cancer.
She'll be in hospital, she says, for two sleeps.
It only hurts when she swallows.

I'll phone her again tomorrow and see if I can get any sense out of her.

My brother has reverted to "Grunt Boy", pretty bad for a 46 year old. He was communicating so much better recently, too. Here's a demo of "Grunt Boy"...

Update Friday nite:
Mum's good. I spoke with her tonight. Throat's a bit scratchy, but she's not too bad. One of the nodes had a huge, hard cancer in it. She thought she'd be out on Saturday, but it looks like another day. She's allergic to the sticking plaster they've used, but they haven't replaced it 'cos they have to speak with the doctor first. She's in a private hospital.

Update Saturday nite:
Spoke with her tonight. She's got an appointment next week with the specialist which I'll take her to. The pathology should be back by then and they'll decide whether she has to take the radioactive tablets... might stick her out in the yard and see if she glows if she has to take them. She said it's like having the mumps and just having your tonsils out - the throat is sore and your neck is sore near your throat, too. She's assured me that they've re-attached her head the right way around. She's been cut from one side of her neck down low to just up under the ear on the other side!


Stevo said...

Hi Kae
Hope mum pulls through. Seems you need to get more sense out of bro. Ha, that's one of the funniest YouTube clips I've seen in a long while. You pointed it to me a little while ago. I played it to the gruntmeister, 17YO Stevo Jnr, and he laughed. As well as being the master of the grunt and dunno answer, he has a sense of humour.

Paco said...

God bless and keep your mother, dear kae.

Aussie Old Fart said...

That's good news about your mum kae.
Don't worry, deep down her generation are as tough as old boot leather.
She will be all right.

Regards Bill

Anonymous said...

Go Mrs Kae. The light from your daughter's talents will keep you going for years. Mehaul

saint said...

My prayers for your mum and for you too Kae

kae said...

Thanks, Saint.

I'll be off tomorrow.
And staying in Bankstown.