Monday, July 14, 2008

OMFG! It's Climate Change - Tuvalu and Kiribas are being inundated!

Someone should really look at the facts. And report them in the MSM.

Banging on, and on, and on about everything that happens to everywhere is due to Climate Change. Listen to the crap on AM thismorning... (Monday 14 July - it will be there soon).

Fort Denison in Sydney Harbour has registered the same sea level for the ast 100 years. Can someone please explain this to the AGW/Rising Seas/Boiling Poles idiots?

The barrier reef is dying. It's been dying since it came to life. For crying out loud. It dies and it grows, all at once, depending on the microclimate.

Microclimate? I can make a microclimate in my garden for my plants. I can control the climate... But there's no way Man can control the climate of planet earth.

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