Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Petrol tariff/excise will be cut to make the ETS on fuel easier

Ha. 'Petrol price', 'ETS', and 'easier' are actually mutually exclusive in any sentence.
PETROL excise will be cut to offset the Rudd Government's emissions trading scheme under a three-year plan to spare motorists further fuel price hikes as a result of Labor's fight against climate change.

The compromise - to be unveiled today as part of the Government's long-awaited emissions trading discussion paper - avoids a potential backlash from voters already struggling with prices at the bowser rising by 30per cent in the past year.

Under Labor's plan, which was dismissed as unnecessary by the Garnaut report, transport would be included in the emissions trading scheme, but the petrol excise would be cut to compensate - matching the Opposition, which has said it would support an ETS if it resulted in no net increase in fuel taxes.

I suppose this is in light of the condemnation of anyone who suggests that petrol should be left out of an ETS. They want to be seen to be taking it seriously. Penny Wong is a rampant AGW believer. God save us.

Just heard on the radio, I didn't hear who it was who spoke, but he pointed out that the government was talking out of it's, ah, sleeve, if it thought that increasing petrol prices would further decrease people's use of fuel.

He's right. Anyone who was struggling 12 months ago is having to cut more from their budget.

Alarmists spruiking petrol prices of $8/litre should be soundly whacked around the melon with a clue bat. What effect do they think that petrol price increases have on goods and services, and how is it supposed that low income families will cope with having to spend much more on petrol itself to go to work, and also forking out a small fortune for meat and fresh vegies? What do you think will suffer?

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