Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Primitive facilities


I think I've been spoilt!

Dial up.
Laptop with dinky keyboard (nearly typed kinky!).

And I have to do that job application by Monday next...

Might use another computer with a real keyboard and mouse!


Happy birthday Mum!

Pathology is fine, it seems she won't need to be radioactive after all.
I was in the surgery when the doc took off the dressing (she asked me to take it off, I wasn't game - no-one to catch the head if.....). It was fine, and the wound is especially nice as far as the GP is concerned. Bit swollen, but not much of a mark at all.

Things on the computer/net access front are looking up, Mum has bought USB keyboard.
Sister In Law is arriving tomorrow and we might get broadband - woo-hoo! (She'll set it up on the computer.)

Going into withdrawal from not being able to see blogs I visit and read their stuff.

Had some really good ideas for stuff for here, but didn't take notes and promptly forgot it. I hate it when I have lucid moments and remember I've forgotten.


kc said...

For the 3 years My Chief was in Maryland, the computer was a laptop, with dialup connection. GAH! I got so I hated spending time there (about half my time for the last 2 years of his enlistment), cuz here in Jax I got a nice setup with a nice monitor & cordless keyboard & mouse...and it has its own 'home' - not the kitchen table!

Library have 'puter you can use?

Zardoz said...

Ques que ce "dial up"?

Minicapt said...
Take in a 'moist' hand and squeeze gently ...


Pogria said...

Hi mate,

I'll call you tomorrow.

Do you like Fillet steak?

Anonymous said...

Kae. I had to deal with dial up last year in France and it was a nightmare. It would shit itself half way through a download from somewhere. I appreciate your frustration.

Cheers to Pogs and your medium rare fillet. Mehaul

Minicapt said...

... five days ... whistles ...