Friday, July 18, 2008

Tour Drug test failure report

Just on ABC.
A report on the latest drug test failure by one of the cyclists.
The news announcer said that the shame prompted his team mates to withdraw from the race.

Er, that's not what I heard thismorning from the sports reporter who's been suffering (he he) since the Tour started watching it every night. Poor fellow, but someone's got to make the sacrifice...

He told us that there is a new rule that if one team member is caught with a positive drug test the whole team must withdraw.

Here ya go, I think it was Riccardo Ricco.



Dylan said...

Hi Kae:

The rule your mate told you about doesn't exist. The rule actually is that if the team is found to be behind the doping then the team will either withdraw or be excluded from the race.

Two riders were caught before Ricco and though they were excluded their teams remain in the race. The SD team of Ricco withdrew on mass amidst rumours swirling here in France that another rider from the team has also tested positive. In the last few hours it seems the rumour is taking on the status of fact and all three of the team's stage wins (two for Ricco, one for another guy on Hautacam) are alleged to be won on the back of a new EPO-style supplement.

The feeling around the traps here is that the SD boys left before even more embarassment was headed their way. That said, at the moment they have cancelled all future race appearances anywhere and it looks like being the end of the team in the sport, at least for the rest of the season and probably for good.

The only shame in this is what the SD team has cast over the race. The general impression one gains is that the SD team quit before a few more random tests confirmed what everyone was starting to think about their above-average performances in the Pyranees anyway.

In any case, GO CADEL! :)

kae said...

Hi Dylan, is that Dylan K? Welcome!

The ABC sport covering dude, can't remember his name, (Daniel Vials?) said that they'd withdrawn because he was caught cheating... nothing about what you said!

I don't watch it, it's way too excricuating! Speshly when they stack.

Dylan said...

Yep, Dylan K here! :)

The TDF is all-day, every-day here and you can'rt help but get excited about it. With Cadel in yellow I'm walking tall - especially amongst the locals who are facing yet another year without an overall winner. :)

Latest news on Mr Ricco and his stage-winning teammate is that they have both been sacked from the team. Shame, really, as Ricco was a young guy with a great future ahead of him.

As I write there's about 34km to go on today's stage and it is all coming back together for another bunch sprint which (most likely) the skinny kid Cavendish from the UK will win...again. I'm trying to hold out hope for Qld's Robbie McEwen but he just doesn't seem to have the legs this year.


kae said...

How badly hurt was the Aussie chap who stacked and had to retire from the race?