Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What kids should learn at home, and at school

Apparently kids in Queensland are being sent to school in nappies, supposedly because the parents can't be bothered toilet training them.
The problem has become so widespread that Education Queensland is drawing up a toilet-training fact sheet amid calls from teachers' groups that nappy-wearing children be banned from attending school.
It seems that these days there are a lot of things that parents can't be bothered teaching their children. Toilet training is only the beginning. There's manners and acceptable behaviour, like not behaving like feral banshees.

School can enforce manners and support good behaviours, but if it isn't happening at home it's not going to work.

You can't expect teachers to teach all the things they have to teach to kids now, and then some, and also change their nappies.

(this post was misplaced. h/t SandiM)


Anonymous said...

What lazy, selfish, careless, incompetent, irresponsible, poor excuses for parents these buggars are.

Now, to tell you what I reeeally think...

My son's partner has two sons, 9 and 11. The 9 year old is still allowed to go to bed in a nappy. And yes, she babies him in every other way too. Disgusting.


kae said...

Oh dear!

Does she still breast feed him?


If he's still wetting the bed at 9 he needs help (and so does she!).

Anonymous said...

Breastfeed him? Err... no (thank God).

I s'pose she reckons he'll grow out of it (won't discuss it - my son has tried). With those pull up panty/nappy thingies, sleepovers are no problem (I've known that to be a big motivator before).

This kid is always injuring himself and, of course, you can guess the attention that gets. Otherwise, he's a good, smart kid, and quite likeable. Just hope she doesn't ruin him.