Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wowsers and Killjoys

A group of Catholic priests opposed to church modernisation has condemned World Youth Day as an appalling display of secularism with little holy or Catholic content.

The priests, from the Holy Cross Seminary in the New South Wales town of Goulburn, are members of the Society of St Pius the 10th, which is opposed to innovations that followed the Second Vatican Council.

So, it's terrible that these young people are celebrating their faith. Awful that they've come together to enjoy their time with like-minded people. Shocking that they might even be having a good time, and not praying enough. The wowser priest said:

"It has become an occasion for a very secular approach to religion, it's become just a happy party - a week of partying and concerts and world activities with very little that is truly holy and sacred and prayerful and Catholic for that matter," he said.

Read more here: Catholic hardliners slam 'happy' WYD

I'm not a Roman Catholic, but I think it's great.

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stackja1945 said...

Ben will tell them to go to Pell.