Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ancient rage? Paul Toohey makes sense again

Aboriginal bully jailed after rage

AS Marcia Langton and Germaine Greer this week bickered about the cause of the violent rage inside Aboriginal men, that rage was asked to take a seat in the dock of the Northern Territory Supreme Court.

The name of the rage was Gary Aaron Albert, 32, described by the judge as a "full-blood Aboriginal man" from Katherine. Albert's rage took perverse and cruel aspects.

...The judge appeared to have no interest in Albert's Aboriginality and did not make the usual "he is a cultural man" or "he had tragic upbringing" type comments.

Justice Mildren told Albert: "It is clear that you are a violent bully, with no respect for women, and no respect also, I might add, for orders of the courts."

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