Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Australia to end human rights hypocrisy

ATTORNEY-GENERAL Robert McClelland said Australia will end the "hypocrisy" of lecturing its neighbours on human rights without always setting a good example of its own.

The Federal Government yesterday issued a standing invitation to the United Nations Human Rights Council to visit Australia to monitor and report on human rights in the country.

It is part of a broader move by Labor to re-engage Australia with the UN after a strained relationship between the former Howard Government and the international body.

I'd say it's part of a broader move by the ALP and Kevin to get himself into the UN.

Mr McClelland told ABC Radio the move was part of the Government's aim to rejoin the "good citizens" of the world.

"It signifies that the Rudd Government is re-engaging with the international community and joining international good citizens such as Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand in recognising and facilitating the international human rights system," he said.

And what states will be judging Australia's human rights record? Let's see:

Afghanistan (19 November 1946)

Brunei Darussalam (21 September 1984)

Chile (24 October 1945)

China (24 October 1945)

Cuba (24 October 1945)

Egypt (24 October 1945)

Iran, Islamic Republic of... (24 October 1945)

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (14 December 1955)

Morocco (12 November 1956)

Saudi Arabia (24 October 1945)

Syrian Arab Republic (24 October 1945)

Zimbabwe (25 August 1980)

Yes, I'm sure they've got plenty of experience in the field of human rights violations to be able to judge Australia as wanting. Complete list of 192 member States of the UN.

Thanks to Pogs for the lead. As she said, WTF?


stackja1945 said...

WhoTF voted for this?

kae said...

Hi Stacks
I'm pretty sure that some people who voted for 'this' are backpedalling pretty damn quickly now.