Saturday, August 30, 2008

Australian of the Year 2008 criticizes PM!

Lee Kernaghan has criticized the PM's treatment of drought stricken farmers.

The country music singer says the Federal Government is re-branding drought as climate change and farmers are not getting the support they need to survive.

"Our Prime Minister said he was going to support working families," he said.

"Well some of the hardest working families that I know are farming families and the level of assistance they get it pitiful.

Read here.

President of farm lobby group, Agforce, disagrees with Kerhaghan.

Peter Kenny, who is also the chairman of a Government review into the social impacts of the drought, says the review should address the farmers' concerns.

"There's no doubt people are distressed and when we hear the stories of what might happen as a result of climate change we'd have to be careful that people don't become completely demoralised," he said.

"Having said that we've got to plan for the future."

Yup. Form a committee, hold a summit. Plan. Plan. Plan.

Judging from the record of the ALP in the states planning isn't the problem. It's doing.

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