Saturday, August 9, 2008

Being green is so passè!

So the salad days are over; it's the end of the greens. Where only a year ago the smart new eco-warriors were revered, wormeries and unbleached cashmere jeans are now seen as a middle-class indulgence.
and this gem

The vast new organic Whole Foods Store on Kensington High Street in London is so quiet you can hear the cheese breathe in the specially designed glass room. Meanwhile the demand for takeaway pizzas and McDonald's has risen as people find the cheapest way to eat.
Go on. Read it all. It's quite amusing.

Thanks to Skeeter!

è è è my new trick... he he. Now watch me forget how to do it. Bah!

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Minicapt said...

And in 'Character Palette', there are Greek, Cyrillic, Armenian (Խփֆ), Georgian (ტლჱჵ), and others (ÆǢḜḸỮÐ). I just select and paste. And Chinese characters as well 两並𠁄.