Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Big Deal (it's not the real deal) spin spin spin

Rudd's speech to the National Press Club.

In the lead up Malcolm Turnbull managed to get a few good shots in. Click on "Long term economic plan or intergalactic agreement?": Swan v Turnbull this morning.

I did hear a snippet of the speech in which KRudd said, with conviction, that the previous government squandered the mining boom windfall... on things other than infrastructure...

Oh, a bit like this quote from here:

Calling for greater investment on the "supply side" of the economy - infrastructure, skills and workforce participation - the BCA said the Howard government had collected $87 billion in windfall revenues in the past five years but had spent all but $2 billion on tax cuts and other benefits.

As soon as I can I will try to give you the speech. Listen to the Audio here, Lindal Curtis on Rudd Speech (The World Today)
Full speech should be here later.

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