Sunday, August 10, 2008

A bit of a row in Morocco

The call to prayer five times a day is apparently upsetting tourists in Morocco and there is a call to stop it.

It's interesting that in the comments someone has suggested that email, phone or even alarm clocks be used. There are branches of Islam which preach that modern facilities like television, computers, etc are not permitted unless to progress and promote Islam. As these calls to prayer are amplified it seems that they may not be in keeping with some accepted practises.

Another commenter says that minarets should never be allowed to be built because whereever they are built this problem will arise.

Churches are not allowed to ring their bells before or after certain times. I think I would hate to have a mullah screaming the call to prayer five times a day, let them get watches.

I don't particularly care what they do about the call to prayer in Morocco, I won't be going there. I just don't want to hear it here.

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