Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Children's Book Council of Australia Picture Book of the Year award furore

A former Children's Book Council president has slammed the decision to award one of Australia's most prestigious kids' literary prizes to a book featuring swearing and violent images....

... Targeted at mature readers, the controversial book by Matt Ottley features the word f*** numerous times, as well as illustrations of a bloody axe and violent images of a man turning into a beast.
I think it won because the judges were mesmerised by the multimedia inclusion, a CD of traditional Aboriginal music. I think the subject matter was "trendy" too.

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Skeeter said...

Great questions and no surprises in your answers. They just confirm Mrs Skeeter's and my mental image of you as Wonder Woman.
But, jeez Kae, you don't really expect us lesser mortals to answer those questions in public, do you?