Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Confession: I'm a dog person

I really don't like cats much at all.

Although Pogs has a gorgeous cat....

And she lives about 1,000ks from me.

Which is about as close to a cat as I want to be.

Dogs have masters, cats have slaves.

Oh, and read the comments at Rachel's.

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kc said...

I love cats, am ambivalent about dogs, though my problem with most dogs is NOT the dog, it's their person. I said I love cats, but my cats are not my child-substitutes. They're cats. The things most folks don't like about 'em are what draws me to them. They don't NEED me. I don't NEED them. We like each other for what we are. I feed about 5 strays who have been abandoned at the apartment complex near us OR were thrown out at the RR track that's a block from the house. Dogs & cats are good people, unlike SO MANY people.