Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gold Coast Mayor is above the law

Ron Clarke, Gold Coast Mayor, thinks he has an exemption from parking in no-parking and other restricted parking zones.

YOU would do it too if you were him. That's Gold Coast Mayor Ron Clarke's excuse for illegally parking over two restricted car parks on Sunday.

His distinctive white Toyota Prius with the GC001 number plate was snapped by an outraged resident outside the Southport Central building on Scarborough Street at 9am on Sunday.

The local man who took the photo said the mayor's car was parked over a loading bay and a 'strictly no parking' space.

"It seems like there is one rule for them and another for us," he said.

"Southport is one of the most heavily watched parking locations on the Gold Coast and I think he should cop a fine like anyone else."
I think the council should throw the book at him.
And then lock the pretentious wanker up for driving a prius.

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