Saturday, August 30, 2008

I want Palin to prove she can do the job!

I want so much for the libs to be proven wrong... really, really, face-in-the-dirt proven wrong... but I don't want Obamamessiah to win. Oh, no no no. The price is too high.

A McCain win with Palin as his VP would be fine.


Obama will be wanting to get that note back out of the wall, y'know, the one that says "Thankyou, God".


kc said...

As I said somewhere else - a cliche as old as the Feminazi Movement - sometimes the best man for the job is a Woman...and this is SOME Woman.

This is a woman who doesn't make me ashamed the choice was a woman.

Anonymous said...

This girl is very impressive. Great on her feet and has all the moral values that one would want, which are the morals missing with Mr please everyone Obama.

She could become the first female pres of the USA.