Sunday, August 24, 2008

Insiders Sunday 24 August 2008

Insiders should be interesting on Sunday, with Tim Blair and Annabell Crabbe in the line up... can't find out any more about it yet, there's no advertising of who the other panellists are yet. Stay tuned!

I wonder who else will be on the programme?

What a hoot if Bolta can be there, too!


Ash said...

What, two conservatives on one ABC show?

Kae, you know that's against everything the ABC believes in!

Though seeing both Tim and Andrew on Insiders would be great. Paramedics would have to be on hand for Barrie and Annabelle.

kae said...

Time Blair.
Andrew Bolt.
Piers Akerman.
David Evans.
Dennis Jensen.

And Bazza's ill, so they bring in

Kezza O'Brien.

Kezza wouldn't survive.

Skeeter said...

Hope everyone noticed Obama's latest gaffe. He introduced Senator Biden as "the next President".

Tim Blair got some good ones through and the other journalists seemed to be quite friendly, rather than adversarial.
His best he saved for his final comments:
Labor's Grocery Watch website will
vanish as people stop watching it.
Mr Rudd is going to make an historic visit to Australia next week.

Nic said...

I wamt to see Blair versus Marr. Marr deserves a bitchslap.

richard ryan said...

I want to see Pilger-Keating-and Bolt.

Egg said...

Marr may twirl his hair also ...

kae said...

egg, you're just wicked.

Funny, but.