Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Keep your feet warm!

If you can get past the misplaced apostrophes in this article, you might find it interesting.

It explains why the Russian-sounding doctor I saw on Saturday last went crook at me for not wearing shoes and socks (I was wearing Colorado thongs/flip-flops/hirachis).

It is important to keep your feet warm. Yes, your mother has told you this time and time again, but you thought this was just an old wives’ tale. After all, colds and flu’s are caused by viruses, right? Well, most folklore has its basis in fact. Cold feet cannot cause a viral infection, but they can undermine your defenses thereby opening the door to them.‡ Interestingly, there is a
connection between your feet, your nasal passages, and therefore the likelihood of getting sick. Dr. Vogel, once again in The Nature Doctor, writes:

“The nose walls (conchae) react to cold feet. When the feet are cold the walls contract, become cold and dry and cause the glands to stop functioning, so that dust and bacteria are no longer filtered out. It is easy to see why a cold will almost inevitably result, followed by catarrh or a runny nose. You can now understand why it is important to avoid getting cold feet…”

So if your mucous membranes are functioning properly, you are unlikely to catch colds and flu through the air. But if your feet are cold, this defense is weakened and you are at greater risk.

Though there's nothing there about going to bed with wet hair, as I have done on many occasions.

Read it all here.

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