Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Olympics

During the Olympic Games in China, as a protest, I am declaring my blog an Olympics Free Zone.

I don't have time nor the inclination to watch. Coverage is usually abysmal and the best programmes to watch are usually just highlights (and if the Aussies aren't doing well, I call them lowlights). Good on them for getting there, but I'm really not that keen on the games - I guess I was all Olympicked out in September 2000. A grand birthday present for me!

Bring on the Winter Olympics!

And just while I'm babbling on about the Olympic Games, I'll take this time to catch up on series four of The Shield, which the tv station programming here put on all hours of the night so I missed it, and I will also see if I can find some other things to keep me occupied. Like mowing and spring cleaning and so on. (Yuck.)

Now I've read everything. The opening ceremony has been described as the most spectacular on Olympic history.

So, which opening were they watching?


Anonymous said...

The opening ceremony left me underwhelmed. It was the images of army involvement in the process that I felt was bad taste. The Communists should never have been granted the games. Mehaul

kae said...

I read about the opening ceremony, or should that be cere-moan-y? That was enough. From what I read noone could make sense of what was going on.

Perhaps it was all Chinese?

I think the last straw was hearing Kevvie boosting the athletes.

Ole Wooden Kevvie. Wooden Turtle Kevvie.

oh, that reminds me, I must do something... tomorrow.

Boy on a bike said...

I have two series of "The Tudors", two series of "In Search of Perfection" and a couple of series of "Two and a half men" to get through during the Olympic hysteria.

I also need to start on "Generation Kill" - I enjoyed the book, and it has just started showing in the US.

kae said...

Oooh, oooh!
Thanks Boy, you just reminded me of another series I want to perve, ah, watch. Rome. I'd like to own that. The teev bastards buggered that one up, too.

Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...

This is the only Olympics that I follow at .

The so-called Olympics just haven't been the same since they let in "professionals" and stopped the Live Pigeon Shooting.

Minicapt said...


Ash said...

I accidentally caught a few minutes of it, and it wasn't too bad. I certainly wouldn't have watched any of it intentionally.

As for Season 4 of The Shield, you've missed out if Channel 10 is playing evil games with the programming. It's really worth watching. Is the box set out in QLD yet?

Caz said...

The Olympics have never been the same since they let women in and everyone stopped competing naked.

On principle, I am boycotting the China Olympics. My conscious will not allow me to partake, and I never have given a rat's arse as to whether or not our own pampered, indulged, closeted athletes win medals, so I'm not missing anything that matters to me.

They abandoned The Shield entirely on free to air Kae, it was there for a few episodes, then it was gone, then it popped up on pay teevee, so unless you have Foxtel, you would have been left in the dark. In desperation I had to search online to find out what happened. Series five is already done and dusted in the US. Don't know if I can get the DVDs locally, if not, I'm going to have to take desperate measures and go the importation route - worth every dollar.

kae said...

I have series 4 already. J&B Hi Fi is in Qld now, YAHOOOOOO! I just haven't had the chance to watch it.

I'll be looking out for 5.

I'm sure it's up to 6 or 7 now!

Caz said...

Hooly dooly!

Up to season seven.

Boy have I got a Shield binge coming up.

kae said...