Thursday, August 14, 2008


Shouted myself Rome complete first series. (That's all that's available here at the moment.) The Shield 5 isn't out yet. The goth dude at J&B HiFi recommended another one called, um, The Precinct I think. He said it's heaps better than The Shield. I'll have to have a look.

And over a kilo of US cherries.

I'm gonna pay for them, but they're worth it. My absolute favourite fruit.


Skeeter said...

Rome looks interesting. How about a review after you've watched a bit of it?
I will be particularly interested in its historic accuracy.

As an Oz fruit grower, I'm agin buying imported fruit, but seeing the US cherries are far enough out of season not to compete with the dinkum stuff, I suppose I can allow you an indulgence or two. You know the seppos use downtrodden brown people to pick their fruit.

Make a note in your calendar to come here and pick as many free lychees as you want in early January.
That's if the bugs, birds and bats leave any for us.

kae said...

Maate, when I finish with it I can let you know what it's like, I can send it to you if you want to watch it. Just make sure it's a boomerang.

And I'll bring Mum down at Christmas for the lychees, she LOVES them. Me, not so much. (Well, with cream, yeah.)

I love cherries, since the market changed hands at Haigslea it's been crap and just before the people left there it was a bad cherry season, so I haven't had my annual 30-50kg of cherries for a few years. Did I tell you I love cherries?

I figure I'm forgiven for having imported ones when they're right out of season, and at $12-13kg they're the same price as I can get in the season here.

Gotta go to bed!

Seeya Skeets, best to Mrs Skeets!

kc said...

Used to love cherries myself, grandmother always got us bing cherries from the Flathead Lake region in Montana, which (in my opinion) has the finest in the universe. Wonder where they grow the ones I saw in the commissary...

Anyway, ENJOY! I envy you!

kae said...

USED to love cherries?
Get away! I'll always love cherries.
I'm working on the 2009 timetable.

kc said...

Oh, that reads WRONG, sorry. I still love 'em, but I can't bear to pay for anything less than the ones I grew up on. Believe me, when I'm up home, I buy as many as my pocketbook & tummy will handle. Of course, now I've spent the day thinking about 'em, so I will have to get some when I next go for groceries (Sunday, I think). Just hadn't been thinking about 'em, y' I can't STOP thinking about 'em!

HA! zqkenuc

kae said...

I know, kc, I know! I'm sorry that I planted the cherry pip in your mind! But you KNOW you want to.

I gorge on cherries when I can (there's only about a six to eight week window here of really good, cheap cherries and I stuff my face with them...), my tummy quite often can't handle it, and I do spend a lot of time in the little room. BUT I DON'T CARE, I love cherries!

Skeeter said...

Thanks, Kae. Boomerang on the discs for sure.
The lychee season is very short and they have to be picked when they are ready — when they are full red in colour, plump, sweet and juicy. You rarely see them like this in the shops because they start to lose fragrance and flavour, and go brown, within days after they are picked.
At our latitude, they usually mature around the second week in January, but it has occurred as early as the week between Christmas and New Year. Get in touch when we are getting closer in time and I'll let you know how the crop is going.
This offer is open to all local Blairites. We are too old to cultivate and harvest any more, so the fruit is free to anyone who wants to pick it. It's usually all gone in one to two weeks, so timing is important.
We store fresh-picked lychees in the freezer so we have a supply all though the year until the next season. Leave the skins on and seal them in airtight bags.
You might like to try one of our favourite ways of eating lychees:
Remove the seed and replace it with a piece of crystallised ginger. Dip in melted chocolate, cool and serve with cream and ice cream.