Thursday, August 14, 2008


I had to do some plumbing on the weekend. The water was taking too long to drain away from the shower. I recalled the other half used to have a special coathanger he used for just that purpose (unblocking the bathroom drain).

I had to make my own.

With my trusty re-configured coathanger, and some long BBQ tongs which areusually used in the wood fire for moving the coals around, I managed to unblock part of the drain.


Now, this weekend I have to unblock the rest of it.

And split some firewood (just a tiny bit too big to fit in the firebox). Spray some roundup (if the wind drops). Mow. Play with the dogs.

Ah, what fun.

Spring will be here soon. My native orchid is flowering and the jasmine is blooming too. My macadamia tree is full of flowers (should spray that, it looks like it'll be a bumper crop again, seems to be a two year cycle). The mulberry tree is covered in flowers, fast developing into fruit. In fact, it's Almost Summer!

This song was released in 1975, the year I turned 17. Some of my good-old-days.

This photo was taken in the 70's, in Canberra.

Bell-bottom jeans.
70's hair (including b/f's mo!).
Check out the wooden platforms on my feet!


bikeonaboy said...

I too have a photo of me in jeans from the 1970's.

They were purple. Or perhaps mauve.

Thankfully, I can say that I was about 7 years old at the time, so had no sense whatsoever.

What's your excuse?

PS - who owned that shaggin' wagon.

kae said...

The pic is of me, my boyf, and in the Sandman his cousin's g/f (the boys went years ago however, we are still friends). It was the b/f's cousin's shaggin' wagon, we travelled to Canberra in it.

I don't think the ford anglebox would've made it to Canberra (or did he have the Rover 90 then?).

kae said...

PS Boy,
No excuse, it was the HEIGHT of fashion then, I'll have you know!!

Skeeter said...

The most expensive suit (a Parini from DJs) I have ever owned came with flares. I kept it for years hoping they'd come back in fashion, but it was not to be.
BTW, are our two BOABs the same bloke?

kae said...

Um, sorry Skeets, BOABs?

The boyf from then is ancient history.

kc said...

I don't know what your clog is made from (mine are generally hair & shave cream), but I learned a trick years ago that has kept me from reconfiguring coathangers for many years. Every Friday morning, after I make my tea, I boil another kettle-full & pour it in the bathroom sink. Then I repeat for the tub. Now & then I have to use the chemical clog remover, but only about twice a year, if I've been gone & the boiling water hasn't been used in awhile.

Don't know if you can use the tip, but it was better than laughing at the pic, wasn't it? I wore Lee denim hiphuggers in the 70's...almost exclusively. And halter tops.