Thursday, August 28, 2008

Q&A 27/8/08 - NOW!

Q & A tonite.

TonightThursday, 24 July
Tonight, on Q&A expect the fur to fly with controversial journalist and author John Pilger on the panel. He is joined by Minister for Small Business, Craig Emerson, Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Sharman Stone, Political Editor for the Sydney Morning Herald, Peter Hartcher and Opinion Editor for The Australian, Rebecca Weisser

Hey! Are ABC journos out on strike in sympathy with Fairfax? (Check out the date of the programme!)

It's raining. I might go to bed.

I really don't want to hear some bloke fellating Obama - playing the race card (paraphrased) "It will be marvellous, it will show that America is not racist. It will show that Martin Luther King's "(I have a) dream" has come true."


I'd rather listen to the rain.

Hey, Flannery isn't visiting Brisbane is he?

And it's turned into the John Pilger Bilge and Bile Bull Show.

Now Pilger is fellating the palestinians... whoeverthehell they are. And it's all Israel's fault, and the USA.

Pilger is an idiot.

Comment from a young bloke in the audience standing up for Israel.
Oh, another one standing up for Israel and having a slap at Pilger.
Pilger feels he's been abused. Diddums.


Aussie Old Fart said...

Can not bring myself to watch Q&A. Snow tone cone is not good for my blood pressure. Or surrounding artifacts or furniture,even people anywhere in the vicinity.

However,one of lifes simple little pleasures,is to go to bed with the sound of rain on a tin roof.

Loved that as a child, and still do as an old fart.It's a beautiful thing.And costs nothing.

Been dry here for several weeks,now looking at the radar,we have rain coming about two hours out. Nice.

Hope you slept well through yours.

Regards Bill

Skeeter said...

I'm with Bill, especially on snow tone cone's effect on blood pressure.
All of that rain last night went north and south of us — not a drop fell on our new tin roof at Far West Bundall. But our tanks are at 75% capacity and that is a very comfortable level to have at the end of August.
We have had three floods over our bottom paddock this year, and our undammed river is presently rushing past on its way to lowering the salinity of the Pacific Ocean.
Gaia is obviously content with our Fearless Leader's climate management.
But I wonder what she thinks about his management of the economy.

kae said...

It's an ugly job, but someone's gotta do it. (Q&A I mean.) Pilger is a pompous ass, and that's putting it mildly.

The programme wast interesting later when an example was given of the Fairfax catastrophe driving more people to blogs for news. The example of Crikey was given - ha ha ha, Crikey? For news? They have to be joking. I'll try to watch the show on the web tonite and see if I missed anything... pity I can't fast forward thru the Pilger Bilge.

kae said...

I love rain on a tin roof. My place has a huge tin roof. Well, colourbond.
I lived in Melbourne for three years from 1990-1992 and had a tile roof, I hated it.
Then again, rain was never something you missed in Melbourne....

kae said...

Just checked the rain gauge.

22mm, nearly an inch. No wonder it sounded like it was bucketing down!

Anonymous said...

Q&A was interesting. The jewish chick made a lot of sense and she put Pilger in his place with her stance on Israel.

Pilger's sad, and his following will most likely die before he does.

The young kid in the crowd did himself proud, both with his predetermined question of Pilger and also when snowcone put him on the spot with a fireback question. Gutless snowcone picking on kids.

Rain has threatened here with limited pitpats on the roof. Which is great as golf must not be disturbed on Saturday mornings.

Mehaul of inner Ashmore.

kae said...

Hi Mehaul.
She was excellent, wasn't she. The drivel Pilchard was dribbling was unbelievable.
I have car service tomorrow morning - 20,000 service already, only got the car on 27 Feb!