Thursday, August 7, 2008

Q&A Tonite (in minutes), Garrett, Bronny Bishop, Julian Morrow, Megan Davis & Imre Salusinszky

Tonight Thursday, 24 July (HEY! Wrong date on their site.)

This week’s Q&A has something for everyone: Peter Garrett, the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts will go head to head with the Shadow Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Bronwyn Bishop. Joining them are the Chaser’s Julian Morrow, the Director of the Indigenous Law Centre at UNSW, Megan Davis and a columnist for the Australian, Imre Salusinszky.

Link to site with live video stream.


Well worth a watch.

The recycled audience asking questions is a bit much. There was the skeleton asking about the Arctic ice melting and the tundra being only -1 degree. I'm sure I saw him asking the same or a very similar question a few weeks ago. Bronny answered. Well done, attack Bronny!

The defence of the carbon reduction taxing money printing scheme was amazing. There was one gentleman in the audience who began by stating that in Europe their emissions were one third of Australia's with a similar standard of living - then pointed out that Europe has nuclear power...


bikeonaboy said...

I snogged Bronny's daughter at a party once. Thought I was going to get my end away too, but fate intervened.

Note that she is never filmed from side-on: she is mental about the shape of her nose.

As I discovered to my cost, never make fun of her snoz.

kae said...

I like Bronny. She's sharp, with a sharp tongue.

I used to like hearing her daughter talk about the celebs.

Now they get gay dudes to talk about the celebs.


You know, Boy, the one you don't get is the one you never get?

bikeonaboy said...

I don't get what you are on about.

Skeeter said...

I understand what you mean completely, Kae. In our younger days, whenever I was knocked back by Mrs Skeeter, I would tell her that was one she would never get and it was lost forever.