Monday, August 25, 2008

remove "Stench of the Howard Era"

Chris Sarra won my respect when he was shown on the programme Australian Story.

He completely sank in my esteem thisafternoon when talking with Kelly Higgins-Devine on the afternoon drive programme on ABC Local Brisbane 612. He was asked to speak about the latest Rudd plan to stop the welfare payments of people who don't force their kids to go to school. The payments will be stopped for 13 weeks.

Sarra's comment was that this shouldn't be done, it wouldn't work, and besides, we had to remove "the stench of the Howard era". This was said with undisguised venom.

I would really like to hear how, other than the intervention, Mr Sarra would stop the abuse (to put it mildly) happening now in Aboriginal communites.

Unfortunately I didn't hear the whole programme, and I wasn't in a position to take notes of any kind (I was driving).

If anyone can locate it I'd appreciate it - I could then transcribe it and get mode details.

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Anonymous said...

You don't need your notes to know you're right. This is more of the self important suburban abo reliant on public funding telling us dick heads in the suburbs that he needs more funding mainly for himself and his kind.

No mention of the poor unfortunates in the outback. Shame.