Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Shield, and stinking DVD region settings

Well, that's series 4 all episodes devoured.

Now I have to try and get my hands on The Shield* 5, 6 and I think 7, which is the final series. Five is available here but it's as dear as poison. J&B HiFi have series 1-4 on sale now for less than $AU30 a set.

I'll see how I go searching for the rest of the set.

Minicapt sent me this useful article from Popular Mechanics which may be handy if you purchase DVDs from outside your region**, there are also some helpful hints in the comments.

My next expenditure in the DVD department will be the series Rome, and to check this bloke out.

Oh, and speaking of checking blokes out, the other day I saw my soldier at the servo. Well, I saw his ute. *sigh*.

Now I must trawl through some stuff and see what I can find to post before I go to bed.

*I can't view the video available on this site as Aus is only up to about series 5...
**A rip off and a con by the DVD manufacturers, particularly if you can not buy what you want in your region.

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