Friday, August 29, 2008


I have had such a good week, I’ll be so glad at the end of today…

Ok, let me outline how great it’s been.

Earlier in the week I leant over in my chair to pick up a dropped piece of paper. Chair went arse over tit and the back of the chair crashed onto my foot. I have a lovely purple line above the toes of my left foot. It hurt, too!

I’ve been trying to get hold of a DVD for a friend for Father’s Day (a very special gift). I haven’t been able to find it and I’ll have to go to a shop out of my way to get it, or pay an extra $10 for it. And Fathers’ Day is the first Sunday in September, and I need to post the gift in time to get there.

Last night I bought a chicken. It was still hot when I got home (three hours after leaving work). I left it out of the fridge. Thismorning, about 45 mintues from home, I remembered that the chicken was still on the bench. The dogs are going to enjoy that chook when I get home tonite. Grrr.

Thismorning was special. Roo, my Barista’s little girl (more on her later) is having her 9th birthday tomorrow. Last night’s little trip was to buy her a pair of earrings – and search for some wool for my mum. Earrings were found last night, and presented to Roo thismorning – she was delighted. YAY! in five weeks she can wear them. Pink heart studs. I got lots of hugs. Roo makes my day, even when it’s not her birthday!

Anyway, I collected my coffee from Roo’s mum. mocha. Yum. At work I picked the coffee up to get out of the car and the cup bent, lid popped, coffee all over me, the console, the wool for mum (inside the top of the bag) – getting out of the car is an amazing exercise in logistics, picking everything up and carrying it, and the coffee, is a pretty demanding exercise! Did I say it went all over me, too? The wool seat cover? I got upstairs and rinsed out the trewes, good thing I’m here so early. Now I have wet trewes from rinsing them out. It’s amazing how far a little mocha will go!

Now I’m just waiting for something else to happen.

Oh, and MDFD was mooching around Indooroopilly shops last night and, footsore and in agony, phoned me to tell me that she found herself outside the DVD shop, did I still need that DVD. YAY! Mission accomplished. She’s meeting her birth mum at the end of this year and I must try and stash some spending money for her.

PS: I also miscalculated the speed of the sliding door when I closed it during the week after feeding the dogs. Jammed my finger in it, just a little. Hurt a little. No great damage done. Well, a couple of days later now and it's swollen and the nail is split, didn't see that before. Plaster. Need a good, old-fashioned Elastoplast fabric strip... but they got taken over by Biersdorf, what a bloody useless piece of plastic crap they market as a fabric bandaid now. It's crap. Falls off in the shower. If I need a fabric strip, I need a plaster, I want the mongrel to stay on until I'm ready to take it off (or it drops off). I want to need to use eucalyptus oil to get the goop off. Torn nails need protecting. This sissy-pissy bandaidy things are just useless. Biersdorf sux. (I do still have some of the continuous cut-it-yourself fabric stuff... and it's MINE all MINE!)


Aussie Old Fart said...

Was having a quiet snicker over your PS: and noticed the site meter off to the side. Not bad numbers for a little psnl blog mate.

Good stuff. Remember though,it's not the quantity of visitors but the quality of visitors,and I just know that you have a lot of caring and intelligent people drop by here on a regular basis.

Re your grizzle about Elastoplast,spot on.Gave up on that product a while ago.

One of the many side efects of all the drugs I take since the transplant,is my skin is so fragile that I only have to brush up against something and I spring a leak.Now I carry 3 or 4 Band Aids with me always.

Quite funny sometimes as I turn heads when I look like I've tried to break up 6 tomcats fighting in a fur ball.

Seriously,try Johnson&Johnson Band Aid plastic strips extra wide. Stick like crap to a blanket,stay on in the shower etc. Beats the hell out of fabric strips you get these days. Don't leave home without them.

Works for me (product endorsement pending)

Regards Bill

kae said...

I could probably spare some of my old cut-it-to-length-yourself stuff...
I asked mum to get me some from the cheap chemist in Sydney (before there were so many cheap chemists in Qld). She got me the new rubbish.
Honestly, one day I'll look them up on the web and send them an email!

I'm allergic to the sticky stuff on a lot of sticky stuff things - bandaid, etc (zinc-oxide I think it is), I'm allergic to the stuff that they put under the strapping tape to stop you from having an allergic reaction to the strapping tape... that's lousy, when I dislocated my shoulder the best relief was when it was stuck back where it should be!

My mechanic friend is still waiting for a new liver. Well, I think he'd settle for a slightly second hand one, in good condition.