Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Troy Critchley

Motor race drivers in Australia are protected from litigation because of death or injury caused by accident during a race and are also protected from criminal charges, as long as they have obeyed rules laid down by the authorities involved in racing.

It is not the responsibility of the motor race driver to ensure the safety of the crowd, this is the responsibility of the track authority and the organisers of the event (who should have insurance for any incidents or accidents).

Troy Critchley was involved in an accident when his racing car skidded out of control at a charity event in the town of Selmer, Tennessee, and crashed into the crowd. He was doing a "burnout".

Six spectators aged 15-22 died and 22 other people, including a five year old boy, were injured.

Critchley has avoided jail by plea bargaining and has plead guilty to 28 charges of reckless simple assault.

I'm sure this wouldn't happen here in Australia - however, it depends on the conditions under which the "display" was held. Perhaps Troy should have checked that in the event of an accident he would be covered, it may be a very expensive lesson for him.


Anonymous said...

I am sure in Australia things may be different than here in the states,but let me asure you that many people here never thought that troy should be the only one held accountabl. When you stick a title like proffessional on your name you carry a responsilblity along with that. This was not a race track, nor was it a street set up as a race track. It a simple parade where ammiture everyday street drivers have been aloud to burn out . This is the first time they have have EVER put a race car running on the street to preform this burnout. If you notice it wasn't just a burnout but also a run. We have always thought this was a stupid concept, but hey , noone ever got hurt before either right.I do commend Troy for appoligizing to families and talking one on one to my friend to help give her closure to loss of her 2 girls that horrible day. We hope now that we can all move forward and begin to remember our loverd ones instead of just their deaths.For Troy, I hope God walks with him everyday and helps him with trhe burden he will carry with him the rest of his life. WE LOVE YOU NICOLE AND RAVEN. Jayne

kae said...
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kae said...

Thanks for your comment.
Along with the checking that in the event of an accident he would be covered I should add that his checking include ensuring the safety of the crowd. I suppose he thought that it would be fine because he had done it before without incident.

Many years ago I was at a race at a track where two cars collided and one rose up and landed in the spectators on the hill. One spectator was killed. Because the accident happened at a track where all safety precautions had been taken I don't think anything happened as far as the race driver being breached (charged).

Being a professional, or naming yourself a professional at something can also mean that you earn your income from that 'profession'.

My hope is that the loved ones of those lost and injured can forgive Troy for his lack of good judgement on that day, and that Troy can find peace in himself after such a terrible accident.