Thursday, August 7, 2008

The World Today: AGW Doooooooooming, Wood murder trial aborted

Of interest in Wednesday's The World Today programme:

Lower Lakes beyond help: Wong
Water Minister Penny Wong says there's nothing the Federal Government can now do to save South Australia's Lower Lakes, including the Coorong. The SA State Government has upset Murray River locals by allocating funds for preliminary work on a weir that would cut them off, but would safeguard Adelaide's water supply.

It appears that the Federal Government is becoming rather adept at throwing their arms in the air and saying they can't do anything.


Murder Wood trial aborted
The trial of Gordon Wood who is accused of murdering Sydney model Caroline Byrne has been aborted after a woman called a radio station to discuss the trial. The Judge dismissed the jury saying he is convinced a juror made the call, even though he can't prove which one.

It seems someone posing as a juror phoned a radio talkback and spoke of a bully in the jury and of the desire for some jurors to visit The Gap in the evening dark to see what it was like at the time of the alleged murder.

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